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Unfortunately, that meant that Spacey's Luthor wasn't just involved in a large-scale real estate scheme, he was also just doing a cover version of Gene Hackman's performance. Gene Hackman: Lex Luthor. He then takes Luthor back to the prison that he escaped, letting Luthor know that he knew about Nuclear Man's weaknesses and that he will see him in twenty years. Hollywood icon, one of the greatest actors of the late 20th century? Richard Donner was able to convince him to wear a bald cap for a handful of scenes to reveal to the audience that he was wearing a series of wigs throughout the film, however Hackman was unflinching in regards to his stache. Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacy portrayed versions of Lex Luthor that seemed to have lost their hair naturally (a throwaway line in Superman Returns even hints Lex started going bald at a young age since his father made fun of his hair loss). Il brille ensuite dans La Théorie des dominos de Stanley Kramer.En 1978, Directed by Richard Donner. By using a holographic projector, Lex escapes his prison cell with Otis while waiting for Eve Teschmacher to show up in a hot-air balloon. And when Gene Hackman says something, you know that he goddamn means it. Superman interrupts the double date he has with Lois Lane and Lacy Warfield (as Clark Kent) to deal with Luthor, only to find himself face-to-face with his creation Nuclear Man. Of course, Luthor shows his nephew that Nuclear Man needs direct sunlight to function or else he will be powerless. Superman follows the voice to the underground lair of Lex Luthor, where he is subjected to a gauntlet of dangers that he survives through without a scratch before entering. Luthor now feels secure in that he has a superpowered being at his disposal. C’est Gene Hackman qui prête ses traits au méchant pour la première fois dans les années 1970 et 1980 dans la saga Superman avec Christopher Reeve. Soon Superman shows up outside the building, daring for Zod to step outside. Gene Hackman Actor | Soundtrack | ... 1:36. Lex says if such a thing were a hoax, he would have been the one who pulled it off. However, Nuclear Man starts having desires for Lacy Warfield when he sees her picture in the papers and goes after her, involving Superman in another struggle with him that results in Nuclear Man being dumped into a nuclear reactor to provide a powerful energy source. He finds an article about a man in Addis Ababa discovering a green meteorite that came to Earth from the destruction of Krypton about thirty years ago. He watches one of his assistants, a man named Otis, make his way through the subway tunnels toward a wall that opened to a passage leading to the hideout. Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of bothSuperman: The Movie and Superman IV: The Quest for Peaceand a major antagonist in Superman II. - Orange In DC Comics lore, Lex Luthor is a wealthy businessman and criminal mastermind who just so happens to be Superman's arch-nemesis. Lex Luthor was first portrayed on film in the second Superman serial, Atom Man vs. Superman (1950). The two end up in a struggle that takes them all across the world, with Nuclear Man causing various disasters and Superman trying to fix them. Dans ces films, Luthor est présenté comme un riche homme d'affaires manipulateur qui a tout fait pour détruire son ennemi juré, Superman. With Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman, Marlon Brando. Lex Luthor. 23 (cover dated: April 1940). After another fight where Superman is unable to prevail against the three Kryptonians, Zod now has no further use for Luthor and orders for him to be killed. The two became good friends afterward, to the point where Hackman refused to come back for reshoots after Donner was fired from finishing "Superman II". Showing all 43 items Jump to: Photos (28) Quotes (15) Photos . After stopping one of the missiles from detonating and dealing with an earthquake caused by the detonation of the other missile, Superman takes Lex and Otis to prison, where he bravely states that its walls cannot hold him. 3 more photos Quotes . Gene Hackman's portrayal of Lex Luthor is seen by some to be more lighthearted and comical; he often behaves more like a conman hustler than a true mastermind. Otis approaches Lex with a copy of the Daily Planet in his hand. Gene Hackman initially wanted to keep his hair and mustache when he was cast in the role for "Superman: The Movie". Donner (over the phone) promised he'd shave his own mustache if Hackman shaved his. Luthor also tricks Superman into opening a lead-lined box that had a chunk of Kryptonite attached to a chain, which Luthor wraps around the Kryptonian's neck as its radiation weakens him before being dumped into Luthor's pool to drown. Lex Luthor fait partie des "Mentors" Anti-Héros de DC Universe Online, il y joue d'ailleurs un rôle primordial puisque ses actions permettront aux joueurs d'incarner des Héros/Super-Héros. Eugene Allen Hackman was born in San Bernardino, California, the son of Anna Lyda Elizabeth (Gray) ... Born: January 30, 1930 Photos. C'est un être très intelligent et manipulateur. 5 more photos Quotes . He then goes to watch the launch of the nuclear missiles, while Eve Teschmacher, fearing for the life of her mother in Hackensack, bravely rescues Superman for the promise that he would stop the missile heading for the East Coast first, throwing the chain with the Kryptonite away into a sewer grating. Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor: Criminal genius and Superman's nemesis. Lex says if such a thing were a hoax, he would have been the one who pulled it off. Otis approaches Lex with a copy of the Daily Planet in his hand. Il est entouré de Otis, son sbire un peu idiot et de sa petite amie Eve Teschmacher. Lex Luthor : Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story. He says this could be instrumental for pulling off one of the biggest heists in history as he will soon own what may become valuable real estate. He tells the police guards that he got lost driving down the road, and then invites them to check out the car's sound system. He is Superman's arch nemesis, who plots to destroy his enemy and become the richest man ever. An alien orphan is sent from his dying planet to Earth, where he grows up to become his adoptive home's first and greatest superhero. Lex Luthor est apparu comme le principal antagoniste (bien qu'il ait été dépassé par les méchants des suites) au fil des années dans le Christopher Reeve interprété par Superman, le héros titulaire, comme il l'a dépeint par Gene Hackman. They notice Superman protecting the humans during their battle and decide to endanger them in order to weaken him enough to destroy him. Now having Superman's attention, Luthor shows him the plan of detonating two nuclear devices that have been reprogrammed to detonate at specific locations: the first toward the San Andreas Fault where it will cause a massive earthquake that will level much of California into the sea; the other botchedly heading toward Hackensack, New Jersey. He says he alone can lead them to where they will find Superman so that they can have their revenge. # lex luthor # gene hackman # comedy # smoke # weed # church # tv land # wink # dc # lego # lex luthor # tt games # dc # batman v superman # man of steel # clark kent # sin # god # tv land # tvland # religion # smallville # batman # superman # hero # batman v superman # donate # batman # superman # batman v superman # dawn of justice # jesse eisenberg # comedy # smoke # weed # church # tv … As Luthor and his nephew use this struggle trying to make their getaway, Superman captures them and flies off with their vehicle. From one Lex Luthor to another, Jon Cryer honored Gene Hackman on the veteran actor's birthday with a touching tweet about their shared role. Luthor strikes a bargain with the three Kryptonian criminals in … He is Superman's arch nemesis, who plots to destroy his enemy and become the richest man in the world.He is the main antagonist of the Donnerverse. Lex takes it and sees the headlined story that the United States will be doing some nuclear missile launch tests soon. https://superman.fandom.com/wiki/Lex_Luthor_(Gene_Hackman)?oldid=32140. Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of bothSuperman: The Movie and Superman IV: The Quest for Peaceand a major antagonist in Superman II. A Christopher Reeve-féle filmekben Gene Hackman keltette életre a legendás rosszfiút. “I don’t think so,” he says, simply. 30 second loop of Gene Hackman bellowing to "Ms Tessmacher" in this clip from Superman: The Motion Picture, starring Christopher Reeve.

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