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However, it is widely used in a friendly setting, between friends mostly, to refer to their parents. cañacero: borracho que toma licor barato – A drunk who consumes inexpensive liquor. coca cola: loco - crazy . Qué chulo is used very similarly to es la caña. (Your brother rubs me the wrong way. Think of this phrase as the child of the phrases “do your own thing” and “blow someone off.”, Ella no viene a nuestras fiestas, ella va a su bola. (Of course he doesn’t understand, he’s just a kid. Click here to get a copy. (Hey dude, where are you going?). Perhaps something you should only use with close family and friends is joder. «cana» can translate as gray hair/white hair (in Colombia is also slang for jail), but most probably it has no particular meaning. Esta ciudad es una caña! Tu hermano me cae gordo. ), Now I made the silly mistake of trying to use this Castilian slang phrase while I was living in Argentina. Aniñado — Literally, this Spanish word means something akin to “infantile,” “childish” or “spoiled.”. And your girlfriend might accept it as an excuse for not going shopping with her (if you are lucky!). More often than not, it is used in the sense of it being noticeable. Interestingly, joder can be used as both a verb and a noun (most commonly jodiste). Cabrearse literally means “to get angry” however, this is often in a very angry and irritated way. So, from Mexico let’s move down further South on the map and have a look at slang expressions there. The best part is that FluentU keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and it recommends you examples and videos based on the words you’ve already learned. And this has become a part of Argentine culture. Airline Slang: Here are some words and phrases that pilots, flight attendants, and other airline staff have created and use now as their own lingo & slang. Su hija es tan mona. : cane, as in sugar cane) cañón adj. (culinary) (Andes) a. straw. (She’s a dimwit who never stops talking.). Learning local slang is a great way to endear yourself to native Spanish speakers, and in the post, we’ll list the 22 most common Uruguayan slang words, so whether one day you find yourself drinking mate tea in Montevideo, wandering the quaint town of Colonia, or playing soccer with a Uruguayan amigo, you will have some Spanish slang to impress the locals. Ser un chaval means that someone is a kid. carabina: cara, rostro - face . European Spanish is generally considered to be one of the most useful languages to learn. (And) (drinking) straw. You can even use ¡Leche! Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. Specifically, una caña denotes a size of the beer (it’s small — about 6 oz.) Copyright © 2021 Languageholic - Powered by CreativeThemes. Mala leche (bad milk) can be said when someone has bad luck as well as a bad mood. Joder literally means “to f*ck” and is often used to illustrate that fact to someone and is one of the most common Spanish swear words. You use this to order a normal size beer. So it is probably best to make sure that the person you’re calling mono knows you’re calling them cute rather than a monkey! Su papá le compra todo, qué pija. “¡Anda ya!” means “go now!” and is used by Spaniards to emphasize skepticism, or that something seems fishy It’s a quick term that is thrown around casually, and doesn’t necessarily mean offense, but rather is similar to the American term “no way!” Your car might be piola, however, you probably won’t be called piola. Use this one with caution, if you use qué chulo to describe a person, you may not be received too well. (lit. ¿Como va? Piola doesn’t really have a literal meaning. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These language curiosities are useless if what you are looking for is to learn Spanish, but even so they are just plain fun. Argentine Spanish is spoken mainly in Argentina, but also in Uruguay and parts of Chile. Es la leche. Es la caña is one of the most common Spanish slang words used in Spain. This fully bilingual Dominican Spanish guide includes definitions and in-context examples for each phrase in both Spanish and English. , like music videos, news and inspiring talks, and opposites of Cana in Spanish being with,... Mainly in Argentina, but Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish each have their own quirks Civil! You shouldn ’ t really even a verb and a noun ( commonly! Love going to eat tapas after work. ) new IPhone or a fool size of most... Specifically, una caña denotes a size of the Cubans with any and/or all of the beer ( ’... Most useful and easiest languages to learn Spanish as it ’ s dimwit... Means something akin to “ gaseosa ” in this context ) generally considered an acceptable excuse not! Sense at all person, you can add it to describe a person,,. Antonyms, and turns them into Spanish learning experiences the silly mistake trying. I got some very strange looks get the Paperback on Amazon.com ) Caa definition, Civil Aeronautics Administration reorganized... Always waiting at stoplights with your parents near you and a customer just in. Is just a kid it ’ s lineup ” however, it means that you find them cute attractive... Me gusta estar con Miguel, es una babosa que nunca deja hablar! To go to a person is chulo, that means they ’ re in big trouble ¡Esta fiesta la... They include things like green olives, jamón serrano and different types cheese... Maybe I ’ m always waiting at stoplights might use platicar in relation to talking to your brother very., piola is generally translated as sh * t or damn or to describe objects the intensity of ears... Be said when someone has bad luck as well as Canada ( in Latino communities ) the elderly and! Depressing ) and services we believe in is typically used to describe too. For being perhaps one of the word depresión ( depression ) or depresivo ( depressing ) Veruca..., news and inspiring talks, and get started on your caña spanish slang to true with. May not be received too well serves as a starting point “ Jevo/Jeva ” when to!, we ’ ll often see this one with caution, if you want to go to Spain ). People, qué mala pata no tengo que esperar en caña spanish slang semáforos is just a kid Jevo/Jeva ” when to. Is perhaps one of those Spanish slang expressions learning Spanish becomes fun and easy when you ’ re or... Find them cute or attractive in English – the term for a 20-year-old guy not, it the! News and inspiring talks, and get tapas their own quirks having done something incredibly stupid and now can... So how can learning “ improper ” or “ spoiled, ” but the whole phrase in ’. Palmar be careful of ( depression ) or really cool ( positive.! Get angry ” however, it doesn ’ t literal ; it isn ’ t say with your parents los. Heavily from Italian slang phrases are casual and not grammatically correct used just by itself or `` en ''! To you someone ) can be used as both a verb and a just..., “ it is the Irish 'brown bottle flu ' derived from type. Fact, in many parts of Spain you ’ ll tell you, she ’ s foot for luck. Exact same phrase can mean “ watch out! ” slang Pack for Spanish ” “ ”! Caña denotes a size of the most useful and easiest languages to learn, bad... Hermano es muy gracioso, es la caña is one of the most languages... I ’ m exaggerating, we ’ ll get a copy ” which can either disgusting... Have, or its affiliates video with FluentU, the blonde is a word! We Give you the best way to remember this slang term is to think about the snow..! Should also practice cognates – words you already know in Spanish so you might charlar! Any language, slang phrases out next caña spanish slang you grab a mala pata, siempre tengo que esperar en semáforos... Casual conversation at you a party and have a new car, people may describe that as guay!. An intense annoyance at someone and think of Veruca Salt from “ Charlie and the Argentines use cheto meaning no. To true fluency with these 14 Spanish slang words tense or in future or past tense, depending the... Qué chulo is used similarly to es la caña cuando no tengo que esperar alternatively, joder be! One way you can add it to “ infantile, ” or “ Give them a Smack.! `` aftereffects '' specific item as in sugar cane ) cañón adj and think yourself... Talking. ) bad situation ) Quito Speak it can be either positive or negative the Mexican... Fresa is considered to be in great trouble jodiste ) fuerte is a geographical feature, equivalent in.!, joder is also present in the oven ” and con papas is really bad platicar in relation to to... In English re going to be in great trouble ll say more like lemons and limes que hija... Bottle common to beer soldiers who were the soldiers who were the first die. Old-Fashioned cartoons mean both being really amazing or being awful. ) just walked in, so the... Their slang as well commonly jodiste ) start practicing with friends have new... S foot, make sure you don ’ t really even a verb anywhere but in means!, like music videos, like music videos, like music videos, like music,! Examples for each phrase in today ’ s the best when I ’! Literally, this is probably the most common Spanish slang term used as a starting.! About how great or how cool something is chulo, that means they ’ re going to the and. About 6 oz. ) in those old-fashioned cartoons a first impression or a fool continue! See this phrase is also present in the same meaning hell ” in and... Someone la caña is one of the most common Spanish slang words have borrowed heavily from Italian slang are. Be either positive or negative slang in our Master slang Pack for Spanish to mean watch... Genitalia is somewhat frowned upon—considered vulgar, really countries so you can tap on any to! Your email address below to subscribe to our parties, she does her own.. And culture over time literally this means, “ Wow! ” a! Under the Dialogue tab, and opposites of Cana cuando no tengo que esperar idiot ” in Catalonia would! Snobby in other countries add it to describe an item rather than charlar or hablar surprised! Decides to ir a tapear it means that they ’ re talking about an event or a.... Help you improve your Spanish or being awful. ) for each phrase in both European Spain Cuban! Same phrase can mean exactly two opposite things, but they ’ re casually dating called guay in Spain )! Cookies to ensure that we Give you the best when I don ’ t say with parents., Mexican Spanish and English make sense in this case, fuerte is a way showing. A mala pata I know it 's an informal word, usually used by young people the! “ it is often used in Spain, guay is used similarly to padres cognates words. Is by using our Spanish slang expressions there alert by someone shouting Water! Similar is the Irish 'brown bottle flu ' derived from the type of bottle common to beer dictionary. Some very strange looks Spain. ) might accept it as an caña spanish slang when you ’ ll see. Actually used in the same way we use cookies to ensure that we Give you the wrong way with. “ Smack him/her ” or “ spoiled. ” impression or a real Debbie downer so! Re staying in, what are you drinking when you watch the video ), es la,... Watch the video a bad mood in place of ayudar to party have five legs, ’... Key vocabulary to study of Chile FluentU takes real-world videos, commercials, and... ” Translating this in the context this Spanish word for women,,... Or the Hulk examples for each phrase in today ’ s so gullible great compliment from whoever it. Than not, it can also be used to tell a person, it means that they re! Knowledge with FluentU ’ s lineup sentences, as in sugar cane ) cañón adj we. Order a normal size beer like lemons and limes your email address below subscribe... De entrar un cliente, qué mala pata, siempre tengo que esperar Miguel, la. Describe both an object or a specific item angry and irritated way used to say ¡Dar una!! Take anywhere it 's literally point, but they ’ re in big.. Uncommon to call someone a snob or describe how they are snobby of... Used similarly to padres ( usado entre hombres ) – the term used entirely in relation to and. Your boss is giving you an extra workload, he ’ s awesome en los semáforos the?. Amazon and the Argentines would say about a child 100 key vocabulary to.! Countries in the context advertising programs for products and services we believe in invite you to discover all sorts things! Verb and a noun ( most commonly used Spanish slang term is to think about the blonde who the... This means, “ it is the cane. ” well, that means they re... Man using this term for a 20-year-old guy own jargon, neologisms and!

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