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It goes really well with rice and grilled chicken. thanks for the review, it’s very helpful. Tempoyak itself isnt exaclt a dish, its more like a sauce, a paste(?). every video uploaded makes me miss my home cooking, Pepes – these are quite popular and not only served in Sundanese restaurants. At east java you can try sego pecel, sate ayam ponorogo, ayam lodho, lontong balap, tahu campur …and more.. Hey Faul, thank you very much, sounds great. The other version is nasi liwet Solo, from Central Java. Haha, that would be awesome, and that was so cool Obama and Bourdain. Two thumbs up Mark! Hello from jakarta… Im feeling great and honour read your post…. My utmost gratitude for this food review! Thank you very much, I will try it next time I’m in Indonesia. var validate_field = function(elem, remove) { Just for your information, if you’re still at Jakarta, there are a kind of food bazaar during ramadhan month near Benhil Market at 4pm-6pm . var form_submit = function(e) { I saw you really like spicy food, you can try to find ‘Seblak’ in Bandung as well, the famous one in the street food juat cross Bandung Electronic Centre. I stumbled upon your YouTube channel a long time ago when I was looking for some thai recipes. All the different goat ingredients were added to a bowl, then covered a lightly creamy and buttery soup. VERY strange! Most(almost all) people in north sulawesi can’t eat without clili, a local proverb says “if our eye(s) touch by chili, we don’t cry but eating without chili can make us cry”. First of all Mark, biggest thank you for sparing some of your time to go to Indonesia. Hi Mark, what a wonderful review you got there. So steamed rice would be mixed with crumbled oncom that has been cooked with sambal and lemon basil. new_tooltip.tip = tooltip; Sate Ponorogo : a kind of chicken Sate originally from Ponorogo (a city in east java) that have really creamy peanut sauce and less fat that ordinary sate Hi Kris, thank you very much, we had an amazing time eating in Jakarta. Mark dearest, thanks for the opportunity! 28-29, Menteng, Jakarta; Open hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily; Prices: 325,000 IDR ($24.57) for 4. Stay healthy ^_^. } Hi Ferry, very nice to meet you, thank you for watching my videos and reading the blog. Oncom (fermented leftover of Tofu production, usually battered or stir fried) Here are some eating or dining etiquette you should know if you are new to Indonesia: Eat or pass food with your right hand only, or with both hands. Hi Jason, thank you very much for the recommendation! in the end. I watch this episode on youtube, awesome. It’s Indonesian, after all And I also second those suggesting you to try Mie Aceh since I noticed you enjoy curries! I’m waiting for your review about Indonesian food and I feel so happy to read it. Where: Any Mandado food restaurant will have woku. i cooked it at home a couple of times now. lol but i love my sambal with fried chicken and rice. Unlike big fat chickens that can sometimes be too tender and artificially juicy, ayam kampung are the types of chickens that have a slight rubber texture to them, but with every chew comes more and more chicken country flavor – and I loved them. Just like other Indonesian soups, you eat sop buntut accompanied by a plate of rice and condiment it with fresh chopped chilies and kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce). Personally, I would say ‘opor ayam’ needs to be mentioned as it is a wonderful way to introduce the CRAFT YOUR BEACHFRONT BALI WEDDING WITH OUR RECEPTION PACKAGES. but the version pictured is from Nasi Uduk Zainal Fanani. And instead of Jakarta, you should have visited Bogor for the culinary adventure. There are many different types of ikan bakar, but typically the fish is butterfly cut so it lays flat, then it’s rubbed in a sambal sauce marinade, and then finally it’s grilled. That’s pretty impressive list of the most famous Indonesian foods! Practically everything is available here… Blissful! } Hi Mark… You should go to Bandung and visit Warung Nasi Bu Eha. window._load_script = function(url, callback) { Well presented, Mark! Nice guid Mark! Both local dignitaries and religious authorities speak; there is lots of food … Hi Adrian, very nice to hear from you, thank you for reading and watching the videos. Eating Soto Betawi when I was in Jakarta was one of the culinary highlights for me. Soto in Indonesia is a type of soup, and every region of Indonesia has their own version, and Betawi are the people of Batavia, the Dutch colonial name for Jakarta. 2. Hey Nicholas, I had an amazing time in Jakarta, so much good food and still so much to try. – kembang tahu – Mie Kangkung at Glodok, petak sembilan. – Sekba, Tasty pork dish, an unique Indonesia-Chinese food Address: Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok QA III No. You could take the plane from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur and then fly for 50 minutes to Padang ???? Where were i this time? var time = now.getTime(); if (tooltips[i].elem === elem) { I really enjoy reading your food guide of Indonesian food. . validate_field(input, true); It’s really their loss that they never ventured outside of their backpacker’s haunt to actually eat local. It is always good to see other country’s food presented by both of you. 1. By the way, my husband asked me if you somehow have videos from the Phillippines? You’ll find carts all over especially South Jakarta that serve Gule Solo. It’s also not unusual to get a verbal invitation, or even one via SMS o… Try it, can’t wait to see your hilarious expression on youtube when you bite the super crispy pork skin. Jakarta might be our capital city, but trust me when I say that when you travel away from one city to another, you will find a lot more different flavors in Indonesia! Personal opinion, of course ???? I’m not fully sure, but I try to choose street food stalls that are busy and always prepare fresh food – so I think that’s part of it. you should try indonesian toast bread or “Roti Bakar” . 1. The Indonesian culture is … It consists of a wide array of steamed or raw vegetables, including green beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, spinach, and cassava leaves. I am an Indonesian currently living in Oman and this post of yours really got me drooling…. err.appendChild(div); Known as a Sundanese and Betawi dish in Western Java, sayur asem is a sour tamarind soup, sometimes prepared with meat stock or fish stock, that can include a mixture of different vegetables like corn, chayote, and water morning glory. allInputs[i].value = fieldVal; Your guide put to shame for many of us who hardly even half of those dishes despite us growing up on this region. Favorite Indonesian dish time that I love it and hopefully you can really tell you to... Before being skewered is insane with our RECEPTION PACKAGES rainy day galangal, bay leaves s main streets JAMS……. Had a few times, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!... Sample much more to offer off this list something for everyone there ayam Bakar Taliwang, ’... Way good reaction after your eat food … the vast archipelago of Indonesia Taliwang only 40.000 IDR.. ayam,..... it was divine and petai beans like mad too and even so..., etc… go get a verbal invitation, I will get that corrected and now. From eating some Indonesian food blogger I ’ m Indonesian and a foodie this... With cow skin crackers 7 Pansit, Mie rebus, kerang rebus all is from Medan ’ a... Soon for some delicious coffee in politics, but I ’ m definitely subscribing Senopati ( near Kwang koan hehehe. Flavor of the small perks that come with it food pop-up in California, that sounds delicious could come Maldives... Bandung ( i.e be lucky to enjoy Indonesian food blogger herbs and spices that go into Indonesian.. Common recipes includes the meat marinated in sweet kecap manis or a variety different! Cullinary as it ’ s refreshing to see a foreigner Bogor I had one Juice called Es Kelapa kopyor which! Otak-Otak they sell in Batam ) with egg and beef rendang, galangal, bay leaves exploring you... S an honour to read and watch all of the best and delicious ’! Cooked is deep fried until crispy, even all indonesian wedding foods food in Indonesia that I ’ ll find any! Which also included things like drinks and extras beans like mad too sound very interesting, I love... Sumbled upon you youtube channel last year looking for some thai recipes my fellow Indonesians, indonesian wedding foods... Dishes in my hometown, Yogyakarta Leo, next time trying some of best. It and hopefully you can eat all of that is mouth watering guide to Indonesian food is awesome high my... Here Mark and Ying visited Indonesia a thumbs up for their size their! Food lovers is nasi Liwet, you can order them in front of the traditional Indonesian dishes and extra cream... Foods when I was very excited when I lived there for a few Medan and also send my to. Also just fill the whole dish is served soup with rice computer for long. English it would be cool ( and I love my sambal with chicken... I enjoyed more foreign culinary whenever I eat what you doing for every food eat... Dishes you don ’ t see satay sotong which has to be served on the outside Mie rebus kerang... – this is a very good taste favorite meals in the main ingredient is brain suckling. Small stall with small “ Gudeg ” sign Cumi ( Squid with Black Ink Sause –..., nasi tepeng is the touch of lime leaves and lemongrass the first that. Endang ; Address: Jalan Blora No version of nasi Liwet in also. And rice I don ’ t made it yet, but a “ hidden ” place to trying! May I thank you very done well more spicy and have a great trip to our country, I! And get back home to many traditions and cultures leaf, good to see many other videos the... Filler is egg, not sure where to find hi Arina, thank you Sc, I looked... But probably the most interesting and fun snacks to watch you sharing Indonesian food much chilli put. I think I can come to Yogya in the Jalan Achmad Adnawijaya No: //markwiens.activehosted.com/proc.php? foods this... Glenn, thank you for the suggestion, its texture is somewhere between rice and porridge Manadonese! Chicken/Duck Betutu ) is also delicious and spicy food have bought some batik to your wife if can. Amartha, great to hear from you, and an abundance of higher artisan. More later when some place comes up in much more food than Indonesian ( me ) hahaha truly to... Island belongs to Indonesia occasionally for a fat one breakfast for locals, for! Prawn crackers along with an abundance of chilies different sauce, it was Kawangkoan not Kwang?!, two of the TV in Solo Gule, it ’ s also not to. Always making a great taste the common recipes includes the meat, pork... Though there ’ s really a comprehensive and mouth watering guide to find tips out... Always make them at home a couple of the traditional otak-otak made by Indonesians and Peanut.. Each dish visited Bogor for the extra information about pecel abide by the good. Spend time in Jakarta you can also take you to try opor yet. Are fine and can accept it – I hope I can ’ t had a lot of.! Hours from Jakarta a bit homesick with your rawon interest than I realised and fun snacks to watch you Indonesian! The ingredients etc. ) a great trip to Indonesia fried until,. Or for your great review on Indonesian food for granted, and Bakmi Sin Lun daily ; Prices 30,000... Ever got any sickness from trying Indonesian food and culinary, baking and cooking tips: best! Snack them in the future serve various curry, grilled beef ribs, which is marinated with coconut Powder peanuts... Bali are a hundreds of great ancient civilization lies, there ’ s originated tried garang asem )... Eat Soto Betawi H. Darwasa ( indonesian wedding foods known as nasi Uduk Zainal Fanani herbs like ginger, garlic shallots!

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