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Teacher’s membership fee                  $80 US, School’s membership fee                       $160 US, Youth (under 18) membership fee            $45 US, Student (18 or over) membership fee            $80 US. Le Secrétariat du CID envoie à l’école la Certification Internationale sur papier parchemin impossible à falsifier. Here is a list of ideas that have been tried successfully. When student finishes 150 hours, you notify the CID Secretariat to send Certification parchment. IDTS has created a Certification Program for adults interested in becoming a certified dance instructor. The Council negotiates with government bodies, as well as national and international agencies on behalf of our member organisations. Make a page in your school’s website with texts, photos, video, names of students. Make sure spelling is correct. : inquiries on certified students are confirmed by CID. Le même système s’applique exactement à tous les pays et à toutes les formes de danse. Cela s’applique à tous les pays, toutes les formes de danse. Co-owned by ACI and ICAO, the Programme offers a certificate recognized internationally. NDTA is a member and approved Certifying Organization of the National Dance Council of America. The Council also grants championship status to many dance events each year. A level corresponds to at least 150 hours of instruction. The school, the teacher and the students are Members of CID. The number of Certifications a teacher gives is a good measure of the teacher’s value. *Please note that these lists are updated quarterly. See photos & videos of former NDCA Professional Champions. Their titles are ignored in other countries – usually they are ignored even in their own country. you nominate for the International Certification of Dance Studies. Visit regularly our portal, it is constantly updated, so are the sites of CID Sections. To explore the list of ABT Certified Teachers, please click on the below links. – englobant, absolument toutes les formes de danse. In 1987, Grant opened Dance Connection in Fort Lauderdale, and enjoyed success competing in Division 1 of the newly formed UCWDC with his partner Susan McMahon. Level can be up to 10. Le directeur de l’école ou une personnalité de la ville remet aux étudiants les parchemins lors d’une cérémonie. Certification is free of charge. You choose the dates that fit you and your job better. Invite students, parents, friends, journalists, former students of your school, other schools, important artists, local authorities. Facebook. You have 3 years to complete the 4 mandatory courses and 2 elective courses. The School Director receives the solid silver pendant of CID and the Certification Recognition for the school. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1669368256675201/, Données de l’étudiant pour la certification. – Les données en caractères gras ci-dessus seront imprimées en anglais sur le parchemin de certification. The leading resource for fitness and wellness professionals. More students usually means a better teacher since many people trust him to teach them. Do not use other terms such as advanced, professional, intermediary etc. or. If studies require a second module of 150 hours, procedure is repeated. This highlights the value of International Certification and enhances the motivation of other students to complete their studies. Click on the still or video camera to the right of a couple. They are mostly commercial businesses in disguise, their documents have no value. The school sends a statement to the CID Secretariat listing students having completed the module. Le maître ou le directeur de l’école est admis au CID comme Membre Individuel. Write family name in capital letters. – Type of dance must be one only, for example: ballet or tango or ballroom or dance therapy etc., in English. People often confuse Certification with giving a certificate. Two teachers’ names can be written on the parchment if both are CID Members and names are not too long. Member of British Dance Council, Sport & Recreation Alliance, Theatre Dance Council International and Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre. Visit their offices to see for yourself. –   Kind of dance, such as Ballet, Bharatanatyam, Ballroom, Bellydance etc. The Professional Dance Vision International Dance Association (ProDVIDA) is a professional dance teacher association. It confirms or validates a fact declared by the school. Combine with a performance, before or after the awarding ceremony. Official name only, no subtitles. A level corresponds to 150 hours of classes in one kind of dance. The School Director sends to CID a declaration that the student has completed 150 hours. It is open for membership to organizations (federations, dance schools, dance companies, festivals, competitions) as well as individuals with sufficient credentials. We need full data for each student, including: –   We are not familiar with all foreign names. Post photos from the ceremony at    www.facebook.com/groups/CID.InternationalCertification, International Certification of Dance Studies, 4 hours a week x 40 weeks = 160 hours, that is a Level in 1 year, 2 hours a week x 40 weeks =   80 hours a year, that is a Level in 2 years. Most teachers awarding International Certification do not hold International Certification themselves. Procedure is the same: the teacher should ask her own teacher and school to certify her. Within the school we have a group of advanced dancers called "The Christina Heimlich Dancers." Certificates are difficult to forge since they bear the CID logo, the stamp of CID and the signature of its President. If possible, an official from CID or from the local government is invited to hand the parchments at the ceremony. Certification means that the student has taken at least 150 hours of classes in the same school. CID sends formal certification on parchment paper, valid world-wide. If you have completed non-ACE approved continuing education within your current ACE recertification cycle, you can petition to have this approved for ACE CECs. For example images in a hip-hop dance certificate template will be different from a tango dance certificate template. 55 euros pour le maître + 110 euros pour l’école + 30 euros pour chaque étudiant. Create New Account. Safe in Dance International delivers the Healthy Dance Practice Certification. One of the main functions of the Council is to formulate and administer the rules for competition dancing. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based. This guarantees higher quality, since profiles of teachers and schools are evaluated before entering the CID. Seul le CID peut offrir des garanties solides puisqu’il est: – reconnu par les gouvernements et partenaire de l’UNESCO, – dans le monde entier, dans plus de 170 pays, – indépendant de toute influence ou intérêt, – à but non lucratif, n’acceptant pas d’argent autre que les cotisations, – gouverné démocratiquement par des dirigeants élus ne recevant aucun salaire, – fermement établi, avec une longue histoire de 44 ans, – compétent, réunissant des spécialistes de haut niveau. International Certification of Dance Studies has 480 members. Dance organizations are private – would you buy a diploma from a supermarket? L’école envoie un formulaire stipulant que l’élève a complété 150 heures de cours. This is the only international certification for dance since the International Dance Council CID is the official body for all forms of dance; it is usually given in addition to local or national certificates, that is why it is colloquially called "the dancer's passport". Invite parents, personalities, journalists, officials. The Certification parchment is the same for all forms of dance, all levels, all countries. –   Level is only a number: 1 or 2  or 3 …. Invitez parents, personnalités, journalistes, officiels. Log In. Each Level is at least 150 hours, including classes, rehearsals, performances, lectures. International Dance Council CID Officers in Action! Support Team. Certification concerns the quantity of hours taught in a specific school by a specific teacher. –  Security: certificates are issued centrally, by the CID Secretariat, –  Selection: schools, teachers and students are members of the CID, –  Equality: all forms of dance, all tendencies, –  Flexibility: can be given in addition to other qualifications, www.facebook.com/groups/CID.InternationalCertification, Instagram   #CIDDanceInternationalCertification. An official hands parchment to the student at a special ceremony. Find a florist who will give discount prices for parents who want to offer a bouquet to their child. Invite a TV or radio station to produce a program. – Certification is FREE OF CHARGE to Members. LEARN MORE The National Dance Teachers Association of America (NDTA) is a non-profit organization, established in 1976, for professional dance teachers and those interested in supporting the promotion of excellence in dance. – Uniformité: identique pour tous les pays. Most training programs utilize the ProDVIDA syllabus and guidelines for certification, which is recognized by the National Dance Council of America (NDCA). For additional security certified students can be confirmed by the CID Secretariat upon request and featured online at the CID portal. Jump to. (If you are a former champion & wish to have your photo/video added to the website please contact the NDCA Ballroom Director) A student can continue for another 150 hours, for example: Ballet Level 5, Tango Level 2, Dance Therapy Level 3. All qualifications are restricted to a single form of dance, they are unknown outside it. Il constitue le forum mondial vers lequel convergent des organisations internationales, nationales et locales, ainsi que des personnes actives en danse. Only confirmed members are entitled to use “Member of the International Dance Council CID” after their name on their stationery, visiting card, school entrance, brochures, website. L’école est admise au CID comme Membre Institutionnel. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based. Home; Programme A Joint ACI-ICAO Professional Accreditation Programme Airport management, as a profession, has been faced with growing pressure to establish ways and means of promoting its credibility and to ensure an appropriate degree of standardisation of related expertise globally. –   We are not familiar with all foreign names. La Certification Internationale est gratuite, comme tous les services offerts par CID. The school, the teacher and the students must be members of the CID. It is a validation of instruction at schools that are members of the CID. A teacher is someone who has students. Le CID est l'organisation officielle qui recouvre toutes les formes de danse dans tous les pays du monde. CID is in touch with National Delegations at UNESCO and Ministries of Culture or Education regarding recognition of International Certification. Dance organizations belong to a particular country (anyone can use impressive titles like, international, world, imperial, royal, confederation. The school, the teacher and the students must be members of the CID. It is awarded additionally to facilitate mobility. With so many certifying bodies—DEA, DMA, NDEO, RAD, CDTA, Cecchetti USA—the opportunities for earning advanced credentials are nearly limitless. Please send one form for each student/dancer you nominate for the International Certification of Dance Studies. International Dance Council CID (The United Nations of Dance) CID, UNESCO, 1 rue Miollis, FR-75732 Paris, France – Le type de danse doit être unique, par exemple: ballet ou tango ou salle de bal ou thérapie par la danse, etc., en anglais. International Certification helps teachers attract more students, it shows they are serious about their profession. The team leading Safe in Dance International (SiDI) has a long history in assessment, quality assurance, and healthy dance practice. Given name(s) before family name(s). Le CID est une organisation non-gouvernementale fondée en 1973 dans le Palais de l'UNESCO à Paris, où se trouve son siège. The School Director can decide not to award Certification after completion of 150 hours, and ask students to pass an examination or follow additional classes. It is a non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, where it is based. See more of International Dance Council CID on Facebook. There cannot be adaptation to local conditions. Student should be at least 7 years of age the day of the awarding ceremony. International Certification is meant to be offered to students. All competitions in Great Britain are governed by these rules. It is in fact a validation of the facts declared by the school. It has more than 10,000 members in over 170 countries. Imagine a teacher with many diplomas and prizes but no students! Email or Phone: Password : Forgot account? Beware of private businesses disguised as international organizations awarding titles such as degrees, teacher diplomas, championships, certificates, competition prizes, tests etc.

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