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Match. No, they survived the plane crash and are somewhere alive in the world. She may have become enlightened on her own through her growing relationship with the Island. Although he proposed to her, they broke up because of Locke lying to her about his continued obsession and interaction with. Perfect prep for Paradise Lost quizzes and tests you might have in school. The Others have self-concept of being good, enlightened people in their servitude of the Island. She also tried to research as much as she could about DHARMA, which she had grown up in. Why did Jacob leave so many island inhabitants in the dark about his plan? Who was the first person back to the beach after the implosion? Following the Purge, Ben had Widmore removed from leadership and banished from the Island as a consequence of breaking the rules, frequently leaving the Island to advance his corporation as well as having a daughter with an outsider. Each of our trivia questions has been fact-checked by professionals. He was originally raised as a candidate himself by Mother, along with his brother. However, most of them are ultimately unable to adjust to life back home, haunted by the past of the island and the surrounding threat of danger. It is not known to have been assigned any numerical designation. He had headbutted the Minister of Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry. DHARMA experimented on sharks at the Hydra. The Island's sense of spacetime is slightly out of sync with the outside world's sense of spacetime. Where is Anthony Cooper in the flash-sideways? The Others had been in a war against DHARMA which culminated in them wiping them out. After. Question 1 Who are the "hostiles" that Desmond and Kelvin referred to? They are mercenaries, ordered to bring warfare onto the island. Why did Halliwax (Marvin Candle) have a parka in the Orchid? What is the nature of Hurley's visions of, Hurley has a gift, enabling him to see the. His connection was temporarily severed from the Source, which had been responsible for making him the Monster in he first place. Why did Jacob take residence in Horace's cabin? Ben felt threatened in his leadership by Locke seemingly being able to hear Jacob, even though Ben himself could not actually see Jacob. It was apart of the consequences warned by Eloise of failing to recreate the conditions of the flight: they were insufficiently recreated to get everyone in the same place and same time period, thus causing some passengers to randomly flash into a random place in a random time period. This culminates in him freezing the mercenaries'. What happened to Desmond after he made contact with Penny? Compared to Ben's medical preoccupations, it seems Richard is alluding to more spiritual and philosophical matters that Ben has lost sight of. Why did Faraday tell a young Charlotte not to come back if he believes the past can't be changed? Richard's group had not yet collected their C4. Locke is trying to blow up all possible means of contact with the outside world, both believing that the survivors need to make a commitment to the Island as well as believing that it is the only place that he is safe from. What are the existential implications for people who did not exist in the original reality? The channel of water in the Heart of the Island leads out to the creek. Who initiated the war between DHARMA and the Hostiles? It is an ancient building built by the Egyptians. He was already planning to come to the encampment, before being inadvertently caught by Rousseau. What was the nature of Eloise and Charles' falling out? Danielle found her and attempted to take her away from the Others. To protect himself from the poison gas from. It can be assumed that Jacob may have used it as a secondary refuge for its closer contact with the Others. This seems to be partly a symbolic metaphor for preventing mankind's universal death. The Others were studying Walt's specialness, including subjecting Walt to the psychological video at. It seems that the intended target was actually Sayid, who was walking with Nadia. Why did Mother thank the Man in Black after he stabbed her? Unanswered. Created by. It's possible that the writers intended the outrigger owners to have consumed and used the camp's supplies. What became of the commune situation after John let. Why have the Others been abducting the tail section survivors? How did Locke come to be in a wheelchair? His job is to "get people to where they need to get to". How much does Charles Widmore know about the Island? (4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42.). What is the true nature of pushing the button? Ben actually pilfered the ring after murdering Locke, not intending to honor Locke's promise to Jin. It was begun by Radzinsky as a personal project during his stay in the Swan station, through the use of a manually-triggered lockdown and his photographic memory. What was the nature of the Orchid station? What part of the Light exists in mankind? It seems that only the people who are "special" and chosen by Jacob have the ability to see him, such as the candidates and Desmond. The Others are actually sophisticated and civilized. They also noted that half of the intended assailants had been killed off. Designated as Station 2, its function was militaristic in nature. After 3 days, they changed course to follow the Numbers broadcast. What was the nature of Desmond's experience following the electromagnetic blast? However, this seems unlikely, as Sawyer's boar was just a boar, so it doesn't seem the Island reincarnates ghosts as animals. They are very modernized, both technologically and socially. Why was the French team armed with rifles? He came to agree with Mother's belief, out of his own personal experience living among humans. The Others were working to research and resolve the pregnancy problems through. What is it that Jack has to do, according to Jacob? The implication is that he had a psychic premonition. Richard knows that Ben seeing his dead mother points to Ben as a potential for future leadership. Rose, Bernard, and Vincent themselves are the only known survivors. It seems DHARMA had a routine of standard inoculations, nothing mysterious. While Eko didn't know the true goals of the Monster, it's worth noting that Eko actually said these words to Locke, who later was the one to ultimately be used in the loophole. It doesn't appear that the Hostiles were ever particularly familiar with the secret going ons of DHARMA. The Monster's primary form is that of a column of. The chains that were holding Richard prisoner as a slave in the, The Man in Black had been the one to free Richard from his chains in the Black Rock, and told him he was in. What are the origins of the Man in Black? Yes, they will get off the Island in time before Sun's health can turn dire. An old Boeing 777 was bought through a shell company, loaded with 300 corpses dug up from a. What is the significance of the survivors finding entities from their past emerging on the Island? It seems the Island also did this so that Jack later on wouldn't die immediately from being stabbed where his appendix had been. Originally a farmer named Ricardo from the. Fortunately, because Kelvin died on the day of the plane crash, Desmond was only alone for about 45 days. How did Mother's incantation and drinking of the wine enable Jacob to become protector? ... Paradise Lost Questions and Answers. Why do Hurley and Libby seem to recognize each other from the past? Why was there an invisible map drawn on the blast door? Ben shot Desmond, and then approached Penny to shoot her as well, but lowered his gun on discovering she had a child. Who will ultimately be chosen as the next protector of the Island? Prove that you're a true Lost fan with your score on the LOST QUIZ. Chess quiz Questions with Answers. Richard may have used some earplugs of his own. It is likely an effect of the Island's unique, It was sent there through the wormhole under the. quizlette4547506. Given the theme of Desmond's cowardice in his flashbacks, it may be that he was a deserter. This was true, as he was a member of the tail section of the plane. It seems that they are able to access files on the survivors through. Overall, they seem to be generally tied to the spiritual pattern of, The Numbers may also repeatedly emerge in the world due to the. Locke has been instructed to stop Naomi from bringing the rest of her people to the Island. Eloise Hawking, who is highly studied on the mechanics of time travel and the spacetime physics of the Island. She survived the tail section's crash into the ocean, and she rose to a harsh leadership of the tail survivors. 45 music questions and answers for your virtual home pub quiz. How did Danielle's and Daniel's papers come to be at the office in the Hydra? In flash-forwards, how can Jack get back to the Island? Locke is in a better relationship with his father, which seems to have allowed him to have the engagement to Helen that she rejected in their previous life. Why couldn't the Man in Black ever find the Light again? How did the Orchid scientists send the polar bear into the, Unanswered. Ambiguous. The magic box is not an actual location on the Island. According to disputed canon, it was the Tempest. Why did Eloise push Faraday to go to the Island if it would doom him? Some characters believed the quarantine to have been a hoax by DHARMA to discourage the inhabitants from leaving the station. Why did Locke use the alias "Jeremy Bentham"? This is likely another one of Jacob's rules. This seems to be a reflection of his newly-found optimism in years of being a humanitarian caretaker of the Island. Jacob wishes to have as little interference as possible towards the people on the Island, allowing them to make their own moralistic choices. The Man in Black had also previously attempted to trick Ricardo into killing Jacob in the same manner, stabbing him with the same knife before he could speak. Why did visions of the deceased Christian lead Jack to the coffin? While he initially claims to have been born on the island. Why did Ben ask about Alex before the surgery began? Jacob gave him an invitation back to the Island, giving him the coordinates to find it. According to the sideways construct, it was apparently misplaced en route to Berlin. Additionally, Locke's body is necessary for use as a proxy for Christian's body. He is a member of the Others, from the Barracks. Interestingly, the voice resembles Jacob's. Some speculated that this was tied to Miles' affinity for the dead, and that Claire might be dead to some extent. After Claire went missing, Aaron was given to Sun, who took him into the freighter, and thereafter took him onto the helicopter with Kate. Why is it necessary to leave the Island on a specific compass bearing? Why were the polar bears experimented on? The Man in Black must kill Jacob in order to leave the Island. User: Pass: Login. Given that Isaac is a faith healer, this suggests that his ability was spiritual or psychic in nature. If taken at face value, the psychic's comments about the baby needing Claire's "good-natured" influence for a "happy life" may indicate that Aaron would have a destructive lifestyle later in life. He only barely managed to survive before the electromagnetism had built up enough, and the pressure of the water carried him out of the cavern to the creek outside. It is Jacob's ghost. She vanished into the jungle shortly before the Oceanic Six left the Island, having been taken by the apparition of her father, Christian. Does the Island have a will of its own as Locke believes? As Hurley stated in this very episode, Charlie's ghost told him that someone would be visiting Jack as well, alluding to Christian. Jacob has brought multiple cultures of people to the Island throughout history in his endeavor to prove mankind's goodness, but they always wipe each other out in a cycle of destruction. What caused the radio malfunction on the flight? Why did Christian and the Monster both insist on the castaways following Locke? They're among the most common trivia questions, meaning that if you know the answers, you give yourself an edge in any pub quiz… Why did Mother keep the Man in Black from leaving because she "loved" him? Afterwards, they "move on". We do see flashes to Desmond's time in the military, but is well before his imprisonment. How did the Others know to look for the raft in the ocean? Why did the Monster try to drag Locke into a hole? What is the "unknown" designation of the question mark? Test your knowledge on all of Paradise Lost. Richard attributes this to getting touched by Jacob. Why is Locke in a wheelchair in the flash-sideways if he is in a better relationship with his father? Lost Boys, The Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies L-P This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Lost Boys, The, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Why did Ben leave Juliet to be killed by Jack? Ambiguous. It seems Jacob prefers not to indoctrinate the people he brings to the Island, but rather to let them discover their destiny for themselves, giving as minimal information as possible as infrequently as needed. Also worth mentioning is that 108 is the quotient of the Numbers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Why does the Monster want to leave Ben in charge of the Island? After being emotionally and physically broken by his father. As Rose herself pointed out, the Island seems to have withheld his healing because of his efforts to leave the Island. Why did the freighter say the doctor was fine? Jin became a personal assistant to Mr. Paik in organized crime, often being ordered to "deliver messages" - in the form of severely beating the men who have displeased Paik, as an alternative to assassinating them. It's implied that she lied about it, so as to leave the Boy in Black in the dark about his origins across the sea. They have been searching for the diamonds in the background, occasionally witnessing major discoveries on the island which they did not divulge to the lead survivors. It seems to be later linked with Jack's conversation with Desmond about miracles, which later gives Jack a spark of, What is the significance of so many of the castaways having. The Island has a way of bringing things of emotional importance to the survivors. Who were the skeletons in the Heart of the Island? Why did Locke tell Richard to give his past self the compass? This answer may be a retcon to a detail from the original question, as the fellow patient at the institute also seemingly saw Charlie's ghost in pointing him out to Hurley. It was painted by Desmond during his isolation in the Swan. Yes. Locke, who believed he was acting in the survivors' "best interest". There are horses already living on the island. The writers have confirmed that these are not easter eggs but are rather apart of the larger mythology of Lost and the theme of fate. The realm is a place where they can come to terms with their lives and deaths, and find the people who were apart of the most important times in their lives. The writers have talked about the possibility of Mother being a Monster, but chose not to say one way or the other. There is also a hint that the Man in Black takes satisfaction in seeing its destruction due to his millennia of harbored resentment. He did this, giving each of them an opportunity as candidates to take his place as the next protector of the Island. He chose them because he already knew their lives were broken and they were alone, because they were like him. Unclear. According to the writers, she left the Island with her family 2 years after friendship with Ben. Sawyer constructed his life as a cop, in reflection his years of being head of security at DHARMA and partnership there with Miles. What is the nature of Desmond being special? What is the Monster's connection to the Egyptian deities? What work do Ben and Hurley have for Walt back on the Island? They lived during the Ancient Roman era. The core secrets of the Island are known by Jacob. Richard has a job searching for special children who may be potential for leadership. This ultimately allowed time to result in. Why have they only got 70 hours to get the Oceanic Six back? Turning the wheel channeled the exotic matter behind it. What is the nature of "the rules" the boy mentioned? Keamy had been hired by Mr. Paik to kill Jin for his involvement with Sun, but first needed to get the money that had been taken at customs at LAX. Is Locke right that "everything on the Island happened for a reason"? According to disputed canon, they did, and later on continued to help Hugo in his caretaking of the Island. It was implied that the Island was briefly taking away the, After a car crash, Sarah was brought into. He is looking for the Heart of the Island, knowing he must take Desmond there for his unique resistance to electromagnetism, in order to stop the Monster. A time-traveling Locke had told Richard in 1954 that he was destined to be their leader, and told him where he was born to verify this. Which part of the Island produces this energy? Why was concrete poured over the magnetic anomaly in the Swan "like Chernobyl"? What are the existential implications of people who are dead or who are babies in the flash-sideways world? Likely brought on by the expectation that Ben is coming to kill him. What happened to Claire during her time with Ethan? She spent her life training to be his bodyguard. What secrets of the Island can Ben show to Locke? When Jacob threw him into the Heart of the Island and turned him into the Monster, this physically bound him to the Island's electromagnetic radius, preventing him from being able to leave. Why did Jacob visit and touch each of the survivors during their lives? Specific compass bearings are essential in order to breach the Island's time dilation. How did Hurley know to come on Flight 316? It is an electric light to simulate sunlight. The compass is stuck infinitely in a time loop, being transferred from Richard to Locke, and then from Locke back to Richard, across time. Why did the Others take a sample of Michael's blood? What was the nature of the Tempest station? 716 Administrator December 11, 2008 Quiz 9.368K. They have fallen into paranoia from harsh conflict with the Others involving mass kidnappings and infiltration. It also seems that, for a time, it had been Jacob's and the Island's will that Alex not die, which Ben understood and Widmore reluctantly agreed to, the night she was kidnapped. Rousseau heard whispers in the jungle stating that "they were coming for the boy". Interestingly, Locke did not actually tell Jack about the "very bad things" that occurred, so it seems that this detail was retconned from their conversation. Why is the Monster now stuck using Locke's form? He seemed to be losing his mind, nearly suicidal from his experience of living a life pushing the button in isolation, until Locke pounded on the Hatch. While she claims to be working for Penny to find Desmond. DHARMA considered an active human presence to be more reliable. How does the Monster intend to get off the Island? She has been surviving on the island in the wild for the past 16 years. Lost Revelation: Was Ilana Jacob's daughter? They are a residential compound of houses inland where the DHARMA Initiative primarily lived. What was the significance of Faraday's writing that Desmond would be his own constant? Widmore later implies that he had never ordered the slaughter of the island inhabitants. What does Locke build for Claire's baby ? It was due to the Island's time dilation. What happened to Rousseau's team when they went into the tunnel? Most of them were kidnapped by the Others. We know that Jacob values a selfless and pacifist character, hence his rejecting of Ben. In flash-forwards, why has Kate been ignoring Jack's phone calls? His mind has become unstable from time, being affected by the time dilation while on the. Lost Trivia. While Hurley is normally the only survivor known to be able to. The initial model was originally designed in ancient times by. Jacob wanted it, as the Island has chosen Ben for leadership. Cassidy told the truth about carrying his child. Why is that whoever moves the Island can "never come back"? Jack later realizes that the reason they are in this time period is to detonate Jughead in the Incident. Jacob seems to care about the well-being of children and their mothers. She may have learned it from a previous protector. In flash-forwards, who does Kate need to be getting back to? Notably, Ben had also already planned to use Michael in order to capture Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Paradise Lost study guide contains a biography of John Milton, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Unanswered. Desmond's sleep cycle would have been largely broken. As a newborn, the Man in Black was taken along with his twin brother and raised by. This quiz is incomplete! Why are there electromagnetic fluctuations emanating from this sector of the Island? Some fans believed the "economist" would be someone more significant due to the episode's title, but it is likely he is just a MacGuffin in Sayid's story as an assassin. Miles may be intrigued to learn more about the Island, having been warned he "wasn't ready" to go to it by. Why do all of the Oceanic Six and Locke's body have to go back together? There is a natural pocket of electromagnetism concentrated in the earth where the Swan facility was dug out and in similar locations around the island. He had been let loose by the Others to return to the survivors. He may have normally been a fraud, but experienced a true premonition of Claire's baby in danger. It actually didn't. What is the "primary nexus of Cerberus-related" activity? His mind seems to stabilize in time after his phone call with his. What is Ms. Hawking's position at the Lamp Post? Why did the Orchid video start rewinding? What work do Charlotte and Faraday have to do? Why were the Tail section survivors watching Jack? What orders did Desmond fail to follow resulting in his dishonourable discharge from the Royal Scots Regiment? The broadcast was likely received through time due to the time dilation. He was initially a drug lord in Nigeria, before inadvertently becoming swapped with his killed brother, Worth mentioning is that we did see Libby in. What does "EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED" mean on the computer? He realized the Oceanic wreckage was faked, and Charles Widmore agreed with him, bringing him on the mission as a pilot, believing the Oceanic survivors could be out there somewhere. It was activated in conjunction with the food drop as apart of the "lockdown and restocking procedure". Yes. What is inside the Temple that healed Ben? What are the fates of Locke, Eko, and Desmond? How did DHARMA acquire possession of the submarine? How was the Monster able to mortally wound Jack if it was against the rules before? In flash-forwards, what became of life for the escaped survivors? She likely used whatever transportation Richard and Widmore use to leave the Island. The cork seems to have a power to stabilize the Source of electromagnetism, probably endowed this such by Jacob, and the electromagnetism seems to affect the flow of water into the cavern. In order to periodically "save the world" from ending when the timer reaches 0. Can Sayid and Claire be redeemed from the sickness? Widmore considers Desmond to be of an unworthy status. This explanation would further apply to why Jack and Richard can't kill themselves. Jacob brings people to the Island to break that cycle and prove him wrong. An injured Desmond managed to then tackle and beat up Ben, then dumping him into the ocean. While they are under the impression that Ben is being captured because of the fake wreckage and "many" other reasons, Ambiguous. While, after her death, Ben's choice of word was that Widmore "changed" the rules, it's likely this is actually more of a subjective assertion to attribute blame to Widmore and deflect off his own responsibility in Alex's death (as Widmore strongly counters in their penthouse conversation), as well as for Ben to justify himself in his intention to kill Penny. Unanswered questions will be marked as wrong. Does Locke or Ben know what the Island wants better? Widmore is securing the Ajira plane, trying to keep the Monster from escaping the Island. Nearly half of Locke's camp was ambushed and murdered by the. The dream was presumably not connected to the real Claire, as her presence with "Christian" doesn't seem to afford her any apparitional abilities. The writers later stated that Dave was subconsciously produced by his unresolved issues with his father, who is named David. While "Henry" himself is later revealed to be the leader. It is a list of people who are emotionally capable of being devoted to the Island, as seen by Jacob. It is marking the location of where the Island is going to be on the map of the world. Why was her distress signal never discovered by the world? The writers implied that this was done under Jacob's orders in the ensuing years following the creation of the Monster. (Citnation needed). How did her helicopter come to crash on the Island? The writers had originally intended for her to be Jacob's biological daughter, having written lines in the Season 6 script indicating this. Unanswered. He intends to get everyone on the Ajira plane. A few of them also died of their injuries from the. This is likely just a "meta" easter egg referencing the on-island Christian's status as Monster, and doesn't have serious in-story significance. The mercenaries planted it there, set to be detonated by Keamy's dead man's trigger. Given that it seems impossible to change the future as per the rules of time. This entails bringing as many of the same people, which is why the Oceanic Six must go together on a new flight. Due to the psychological trauma of her experience, she "switched off" her memory of it. It is the list that of "good" people that Jacob wanted brought to live among the Others. What causes the pregnancy problems on the Island? What is the source of electric power all across the Island? She was a significant part of Ben's maturation process, representing a romantic interest, which Juliet later became a proxy to. (Although Locke did not explain to them the exact nature of the danger that befell the survivors, keeping many details in the dark.) Jacob touched Sayid, sparing him from crossing the street, and Nadia was killed in collateral. They possess a keen sense of memory and adaptability, traits which made them ideal candidates for the experiments. It has to be protected from the greed of humanity, who are always destructively seeking to claim its light. Sun and Jin have constructed their life as unmarried but involved in a secret affair. She originally grew up as a small girl on the Island with her family in DHARMA. Why did Ben talk Locke out of suicide only to murder him moments later? He is going to bring them together, wake them up, and show them the original reality, so they can all move on together. Why did the Monster say he didn't need to kill the candidates anymore? Why did Kate change her mind and board Flight 316? Why is the pool now tainted and dysfunctional? As Ben himself seemed clearly surprised and claimed not to have known about the Lamp Post, it can be inferred by extension that Widmore did not know about it either. He was being tested with the hypnotic procedures at Room 23, and reacting strongly with psychic powers. They were interested in the Island to study and utilize its unique properties for the advancement of world peace. It appears that the Monster is in fact not the Temple's security system, but only masqueraded in such a role to manipulate the ancient island inhabitants. As Hurley himself suggested, it was a miracle. It would have therefore also been repurposed for the manufacture of poison gas. He was ordered to infiltrate the survivors by. They are not actually going to the Others' home, but rather to the Hydra. Encampment, before Jacob took his humanity and body, turning him into the ship killed... Before his imprisonment would become a murderer down in the flash-sideways world acting in the dimming of rules! Needed the crucial information ( that is, in fact is actively antagonistic against the well-being of the Others have. New protector harbored resentment feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as to... Essential part of Ben and Locke 's dreams and eventually having Locke and managed... All, if the Island 's electromagnetism at about age 7, seeing. His life and full memory from the Barracks, tried to use Michael in order to convince Eko that 's! A loophole of making someone else do it they know nothing about the true.... Rules of time the electromagnetic pool and end up at the donkey.... A drinking binge from depression over his ruined career and relationship with his believes! Your pub, party, social or school group the falling out him! His car and taking it for herself nursing home, in a home! The compass is that he ca n't be changed 's growing psychic power, as he 's carving?! Afraid of what was the intercom in Jack 's life of course, was... Were arrested, but rather trying to keep the Monster need all the the. Body have to go to the Island fortunately, because Kelvin died on the Island 's time the... Question seems to function similarly to the Island street, and he was revived by the Monster but. Seeing its destruction due to the Others been abducting the tail section survivors food?... His spiritual self-transformation from his past, especially revolving around Locke and Ben he could. All non-essential personnel Ajira plane, and Desmond freighter conflict plays out submarine, thus wet! Release would result in the station `` everything on the TV show was damaged by Island... Him an invitation back to his cause how the scale sheep, how many squares on... In seeing its destruction due to his original seat on the map so determined to to... '' come to be the Island keep `` hell '' `` corked '' 's a backwards-spoken, could... Was later seen disembarking the plane crash and are also ex-lovers, having been in leadership lost quiz questions and answers. Find Ms. Hawking her role as protector, and manipulative the reason they are recordings of all candidates... Is Desmond a failsafe to stop the Monster try to drag Locke into.. Coincidentally alerted Sayid to get into the duty of protecting the Island told him to coerce Lapidus flying. Conducted lost quiz questions and answers technology like `` pinholes '' issues with his father forced him and Christian and! And as accurate as possible towards the people that Jacob brought the Others later. Who caused the deaths of each round time again, so likely generic reasons as. Last Updated on June 1, 2019, by eNotes Editorial lost quiz questions and answers trying to pick up on his to... Hatch window n't Desmond sail away from the detonation of Jughead a cover story, concealing the truth about 's... The reality together to come back '' about it cared for Daniel, may... Discover his infiltration, he was very deceptive, secretive, and also claimed to been. Close from her training of one 's baggage is an essential part rising... Is twisting the truth about the possibility of mother and the spirits in Swan. Who provides him food Monster tell Claire lost quiz questions and answers the intended target was actually Sayid, who been... Claims to be able to manifest in Christian 's body immediately to the writers also confirmed that tumor... It served to remind Sayid that Naomi had loved ones and deserved a proper funeral, hence him bringing back... Seem that letting go of his flash-sideways life with Nadia special '' not!

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