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Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF) and African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) are pleased to announce that qualified applicants who are doing their undergraduate degree programs in Mining and Sciences are welcome to apply for the AUMS/NADeF Community Scholarship Program for 2021. The AUMS/NADeF Community Scholarship Program will be awarded to support students for undergraduate degree studies in Mining and Sciences related courses.
The applicant must be a validated citizen of one of the NADeF Communities in the Newmont Ahafo Mine area, and he/she must first be pursuing an undergraduate degree in any recognized and accredited University in Ghana. The Scholarship is open to students who are studying in the relevant field of Mining and Sciences.
Through this community scholarship program, AUMS and NADeF aim to help highly motivated, highly driven, and brilliant individuals overcome one of the key challenges to their careers being the cost of undergraduate studies. The winner of the AUMS/NADeF Community Scholarship Program will receive tuition support of GH¢20,000.00 for Mining, Engineering, Health Sciences-related courses and GH¢25,000.00 for Medicine courses. The funds will be spread over the duration of the program, for the completion of a program of study, at an accredited educational institution, starting at the beginning of the 2021/2022 Academic Year.
Application Guidelines
STEP 1: Ensure that you fulfill the AUMS/NADeF Community Scholarship Program Eligibility Criteria. STEP 2: Fill out the application form which is downloadable at the NADeF website (www.nadef.org) or available at the NADeF Secretariat at Ntotroso. Printed copies of application forms are also made available to the Sustainable Development Committees (SDCs) of the ten NADeF Communities. Do not submit your application until you have completed the entire application process! STEP 3: Attach necessary documents; CV, two endorsed recommendation letters (one from the academic section of your institution and the other from your community SDC), and at least signed and stamped current academic year’s Bachelor / HND transcript, etc.
STEP 4: When your application is complete, and all additional documents are attached, you can email your application to info@nadef.org or submit it directly to the NADeF Secretariat. Once your application is submitted, you can no longer make any changes or email any more documents. The application deadline is 20th August 2021. Please do not call or email NADeF to inquire about the status of your application. Only successful applicants will be notified via email and/or telephone call.
An Applicant:
➢ Must be between the ages of 17-30 at the time of submitting his/her application.
➢ Must have been studying his/her undergraduate degree / HND program in an accredited University/Polytechnic in Ghana.
➢ Must be a First- or Second-Class Upper student.
➢ Must be having three or more years to complete his/her course duration.
➢ Must be a validated citizen of any of the ten NADeF Communities in the Newmont Ahafo Mine area.
➢ Must be studying a program in Mining, Engineering, and Health Sciences – Degree in Nursing.
PLEASE NOTE: Kindly read ALL of the directions below before proceeding with the application process:
➢ Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information. Applications will be evaluated based on the information provided. Therefore, all questions should be answered as thoroughly as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.
➢ Applications must be submitted via the provided email or to the NADeF Secretariat at Ntotroso.
➢ Please do not call or email NADeF to ask if your application has been received, or to inquire about the status of your application.
➢ Please note that only successful applicants will be notified.
➢ All materials submitted will not be returned to the applicant.
➢ Applicants must complete the downloaded or printed application forms embossed with NADeF official logo and/or stamp.
➢ Applicants must attach the required documents as listed below. All materials including the application, recommendations, and other required information must be received no later than 20th August 2021.
Disbursement of the Scholarship Fund
The terms and conditions of payment will be determined in coordination with the student upon his/her selection in accordance with the following guidelines: The academic user fees, including any supplementary examination fees, as may be required by the academic institution, will be paid directly by NADeF to the academic institution. An allowance to cover books and accommodation will be transferred to the student’s own personal bank account on a yearly basis.
The Winner will also be provided with a laptop computer as part of the scholarship package.
Required Documents from an Applicant
➢ A completed application form.
➢ A copy of the applicant’s admission letter offered by the institution.
➢ Copy of at least a full academic year’s transcript stamped and signed by the institution as a true copy.
➢ A short essay (maximum of 500 words) in English– giving reasons for applying for the AUMS/ NADeF Community Scholarship Program, explaining your educational goals, and clearly describing how you will use the experience gained from your studies to help in the development of your community and society.
➢ Two endorsed recommendation letters (one from the academic section of your institution and the other from your community SDC)
➢ Curriculum Vitae (CV).
Eligible Communities
Validated citizens of the following communities are eligible: Gyedu, Kenyasi No.1, Kenyasi No.2, Ntotroso, Wamahinso in the Asutifi North District of Ahafo Region of Ghana. Adrobaa, Afrisipakrom, Susuanso, Terchire, and Yamfo in the Tano North District of Ahafo Region of Ghana and all Satellite Towns of these ten main Communities.


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