Kwaku Addai

Community Representative

Kwaku Addai is the Business Development Manager at Best Group of Companies, Accra. He is also the CEO of MDi-Finance in Kumasi.

Kwaku Addai is a committed native of Kenyasi No.2 and has an objective to support the development of his community and the entire Ahafo community.

He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Lincoln, UK, an MPhil in English & Linguistics, University of Science & Technology, NTNU, Norway, a BA Hons Linguistics & Philosophy from the University of Ghana and an Advanced Diploma in Management as well as a Certificate in Agribusiness and Agro-forestry Management.

Kwaku Addai has worked for Social Impact as the Director of Social Investment Programmes, Guards of the Earth and the Vulnerable as Livelihoods Projects Director and M.O.R.E Institute in Kumasi as Programme consultant.