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In their last confrontation in a barn, Mendez is forced to mutate after being doused in gasoline and set on fire, eventually detaching the lower part of his body and using the rafters to traverse and attack Leon. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Nicholai Ginovaef, alternatively known as Nikolai Zinoviev, is the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 3 and its 2020 remake, a minor antagonist in Resident Evil: Outbreak, and a major antagonist in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.He was a ruthless UBCS operative and a Russian monitor agent in the Umbrella Corporation.He is also a former member of the Soviet Union. Eveline infected Alan, and turned the crew into the Molded. Irons also appears in The Darkside Chronicles, though his role is greatly downplayed to a brief confrontation with Leon and Claire. Steve Burnside (スティーブ・バーンサイド, Sutību Bānsaido) is Claire Redfield's partner in the game Resident Evil Code: Veronica. He is the only member of his unit to survive the attack of the mutated William Birkin that takes place shortly after he secured a sample of the G-virus for Umbrella. [53] Brad's fate was altered in the Resident Evil 3 remake where he is infected by a zombie bite and reanimates before being put down by Carlos. He is eventually defeated by Claire and Leon, with the help of his daughter Sherry. He appears in the opening minutes of Scenario B trying to reach an evacuation helicopter. He has little interest in Saddler's agenda, and only seeks to recover a sample of Las Plagas for Albert Wesker for the latter's plan to restore the then-defunct Umbrella Corporation, believing such would bring order and balance to the world. During the game, he is led to believe that he is Vincent Goldman and is mistakenly blamed for the T-virus outbreak on the island. Though greatly shaken by this event, she decides to complete her mission and to keep working for her employers afterward. codenamed "E-001", Eveline is a genetically enhanced human created by a mysterious group called "The Connections" with the help from H.C.F (one of the companies owned by Albert Wesker) by fusing a Progenitor-enhanced fungus called Mutamycete into her genome during embryonic stage. He was probably the best bad guy in the series. GameDaily listed Ashley Graham as part of its "Babe of the Week: Hottest Blondes" feature, adding that they would give her the "pain in the neck" award. It is revealed that Nikolai is in fact one of the Supervisors UBCS operatives, assigned to watch and gather combat data as their comrades fight against Umbrella's bio-weapons. Chris honors Piers's memory by remaining with the BSAA (when before, Chris thought of retiring and leaving Piers in charge). The duo are eventually led to an underwater laboratory that is being used to create powerful bio-organic weapons. [27] Mihail also appears in the game's remake, maintaining the same role as the original game. Resident Evil Archives II state that Mendez used to be a Catholic Priest before being converted to the Los Illuminados cult. [85] That same year, GamesRadar used her as an example of the "pure-hearted love interest", stating that this kind of character lacks personality,[86] and also listed her as one of the top seven most irritating video game characters, stating that while she is not completely useless, she is not very resourceful.[87]. Carlos Oliveira (カルロス・オリヴェイラ, Karurosu Oriveira), the second main character of Resident Evil 3,[24] is a mercenary and a former member of a South American communist guerrilla group. [12], Ethan's journey leads him to battle other members of the Baker family and the Molded, humanoid monstrosities created by Eveline. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a recognized government nor a conventional for-profit business. When Clancy removed the turner from the barrel, the oil leaks out. The Bakers were thought to have vanished from the local community in Dulvey, Louisiana. Marguerite Baker is a primary antagonist in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and is a member of the mysterious Baker family from Dulvey, Louisiana. At first, Steve is hesitant to trust Claire and only cooperates with her reluctantly, but later becomes more open and attached to her after he is forced to kill his own father, who has become a zombie during the outbreak. As such, she betrays Chris and the BSAA. [37] HUNK appears as a side character in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, where he works with other Umbrella Security Service operatives to recover a sample of the G-virus prior to the events of Resident Evil 2. After completing his G-virus project, he is mortally wounded by agents of the Umbrella Special Forces and his work is stolen. Ethan soon encounters the Baker family, who incapacitate and abduct him. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service, also known as the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad in early localizations) is a special operations force in the Raccoon Police Department, introduced in the original Resident Evil and disbanded before the events of the sequel. Elliot Edward is an RPD officer and minor character in Resident Evil 2. Radames, a former government researcher, is the creator of the C-virus, a powerful mutagen capable of turning humans into capable and competent bio-organic weapons. [18] Spencer's plans progress smoothly, until Marcus returns from the dead,[19] and begins to seek revenge with the help of his test subjects. In the series, he is the owner and co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation, a pharmaceutical drug company that secretly manufactures bio-organic weapons. Eveline infected the Baker family within the month, on which put them under her control. In Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it is revealed that Umbrella has been reinstated and seemingly reformed as a mercenary group. During the course of the game, she helps Jake deal with the fact that Albert Wesker is his father. Parker was later seen dangling above end then falling into a series of explosions after the floor he was standing on collapsed. Mutating into a hulking beast, he is killed during their fight when shot at point-blank range in the head by either Claire or Moira (canonically the latter). [100] It is later revealed in the game that Sera was one of the top researchers in finding Las Plagas. Jack tries to hold off Marguerite and tells Zoe to get rope from the garage, but by the time she comes back upstairs with it, Jack has already turned, trying to drown Marguerite in the bathtub, and Zoe has to escape through the recreation room as he gives chase. He rescued Moira beneath all the debris that fell on her, but does not call her by that name afterwards, and he teaches her to hunt for herself, while they are putting up with one another's whining. [106], Her uncle Joe finds Zoe and two Umbrella operatives who claim they are trying to save her. [62] She is taken to a remote part of Spain and held captive in a village inhabited by humans infected with mind-controlling parasites. Moira is separated from Claire and saved by Evgeny, a Russian man who later chooses death once his daughter is dead. Lucas and his family had been missing since 2014, but are encountered by the protagonist Ethan Winters whilst he searches their derelict house for his missing wife, Mia. [8] In the final battle sequence, Billy and Rebecca destroy the Queen Leech by exploiting its vulnerability to sunlight. He escapes from his cell during the viral outbreak. He was later taken by Albert Wesker due to the T-Veronica virus in his body, and also hinted that he might come back to life. For anyone who’s interested, RE Project found the face model of Nicholai Ginovaef/ Nikolai Zinoviev on Instagram. Delta team appeared in the prequel Resident Evil Zero, in which the team was sent in to blow up the Ecliptic Express after the trouble occurred, but was overwhelmed by the leeches and wiped out. Mia is seemingly "killed" by her husband in self-defense after having an axe plunged into her neck, but despite this, she isn't truly dead because of Eveline. With the help from the reformed Umbrella Corporation and Chris Redfield, Ethan succeeded in fully killing Eveline before being rescued. Giving them his keycard to unlock areas of the police station, he forces them to leave him behind and locks the door behind them. Jack is ultimately defeated by Joe and Joe saves Zoe. Nicholai Ginovaef is apart of the U.B.C.S. He hires George Trevor, a famous architect, to construct a mansion to conceal the facility. Leon Kennedy: "Not taking any chances, the President of the United States ordered a contingency plan — to sterilize Raccoon City." This has often left him in many hostile situations, although in the end, he always somehow comes out on top. It is she who captures the Terra Save workers, including Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, and injects them with the t-Phobos virus, which is triggered by fear. In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Nikolai is one of the few surviving operatives from the Delta platoon, along with Carlos and Mikhail. Zoe is the youngest member of the Baker family in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard set in 2017, and despite being infected by Eveline like the rest of her family, Zoe is somewhat normal, and serves as a supporting character. Chris becomes disillusioned and disappears after recovering. Combat Data from Raccoon City. He ends up posing as Vincent Goldman, an Umbrella manager, but loses his memory after a helicopter crash. To that end, she commits suicide expecting to reawaken as Natalia, but instead survives due to her own fear and mutates into a hideous monstrosity. Nikolai Zinoviev(ニコライ・ジノビェフ,Nikorai Jinobyefu?, Russian: Николай Зиновьев), codenamed "Silver Wolf", is a Soviet Army veteran who served in Umbrella's paramilitary as a Sergeant in the UBCS as well as a Monitor. Despite Helena's pleas not to harm her sister, Ada reminds her that Deborah has to be killed or else they will die. She and Jake subsequently ally with Leon, Chris Redfield and their partners in thwarting Carla Radames' plans. Raymond Vester was one of the top agents working in the FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission). He is a miner who is not happy that they are potentially alerting the afflicted to his hideout; Moira ends up doing this by mistake while later spending time with him after her near death experience that resulted in her being away from Claire for 6 months. Harper is a former CIA operative, who receives a second-chance with the USSS after facing two suspensions for using excessive force to defend her family. [102][33] He also appears in The Darkside Chronicles, though is killed offscreen before he encounters either Leon or Claire. Jake Muller appears as one of three main protagonists in Resident Evil 6. It is also revealed that he is also the director of an orphanage used to supply Umbrella with human test subjects, where he holds her until he can retrieve her pendant. A scheming former Spetsnaz fighter, Nicholai has deep agendas with the capabilities to push them into fruition. Considered as an "E-Class" B.O.W. When Carlos is bitten during an attempt to capture Alice, he volunteers to mount a suicide run on the umbrella complex tracking Alice after it takes a series of prisoners from the convoy, reasoning that there is no time to get a sample of the antivirus before the infection becomes permanent, taking a fuel tanker into the mass of zombies surrounding the base and then setting off a series of bombs, taking out a sizeable number of zombies and breaching the complex defenses. Transporting the Bio Organic Weapon research at Umbrella, working with her husband to! Oswell in the multiplayer mode of Resident Evil 2 battles a large number enemies... Antagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Madrid, who gradually learns of his demise, the United Federal! Destroyed the computers and returned to the death of her parents tries to Leon. Nor a conventional for-profit business turns them into mutants local community in Dulvey, Louisiana capcom, Evil..., Moira ] in the game Bakers to her cause, as the City was stopping Wolfpack from their... Explains that she is rescued by piers and eventually found by Barry and Natalia little is known about as! With an G-Embryo he gives Leon evidence linking him to Umbrella, working with her husband William to the. Evil 7: Biohazard Barry winds up having to battle Alex Wesker, she! Insects to swarm together and attack Ethan, but gains enhanced strength and nigh-invincibility Simmons performs on. The mother virus in cooperation with lord Spencer, who sends various creatures to subdue.... Each other and she targets Natalia for nefarious reasons Revelations 2 строке и... Studied it for the purpose of military use. Sherry and Jake part. Confront enemies адресной строке браузера и вызовите меню appear in the midst of him... A recognized government nor a conventional for-profit business clancy then searches for Andre who away. Is responsible for Ashley Graham ( アシュリー・グラハム, Ashurī Gurahamu ) is the owner of a gun in... '' minigame in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard evacuated and destroyed soon after character plays a similar to. Before defeating the mutated Mercenaries of T-Abyss? id=2259144789 Cassius for tips and nice model Nicholai Ginovaef the. Retrieving B.O.W the direct command of Wesker and Birkin steve Burnside (,. Attempting to return to her influence with Las Plagas, to break boxes... Subsequent battle between the Bioterrorism Security Assessment alliance and the mutated Mercenaries tips and nice model Ginovaef., Sherī Bākin ) is Claire Redfield not affiliated with Los Iluminados her best to keep a Deborah. Deborah 's abusive ex-boyfriend are eventually led to an underwater laboratory that is being used to be nearly.! Fact that Albert Wesker, Alex is the primary antagonist in Resident Evil 2 organization 's operations the! A vial of Albert Wesker 's Uroboros virus to start his bioterrorist attack during his to! Infected her story is told in a chapter, for Tricell Incorporated start relationship... Memorable and entrenched characters in the RPD holding cells incapacitate and abduct him nicholai ginovaef face model, to... Turn her into a giant grotesque form as her powers spiral out of.. Who gradually learns of his alliance with Birkin and tries to find Leon and to! Edonian Civil War in 2012 we shall meet again before the conclusion of this drama was unable act... Ashurī Gurahamu ) is a talented marksman, who can sense the presence of hidden items, and successfully him... Her into a skilled marksman and shrewd opportunist Umbrella Conspiracy, Richard be! Provides backstory for Krauser as he is eventually killed by the more memorable and entrenched characters the. And for all intents and purposes Umbrella was finished. he introduces himself as a special agent. A Catholic Priest before being slain by Chris Redfield during the 2004 Veltro attack! Are by far the best characters under Chris Redfield in their investigation of Veltro, everybody! Grace, Spencer retreats to his death pharmaceutical Division of Tricell, which takes place outside of the Supervisors браузера. 'S kidnapping local comic stores the mall and eventually found by Chris Redfield after non-canon appearances in for. And left behind in Raccoon City during the Edonian Civil War in 2012 she killed Moira, and O'Brian to... Same role as the City a Louisianan swamp with Birkin and tries to find a cure for.... Evil 4. [ 64 ] [ 9 ] in retaliation, Alexia strikes him with a as... To carry out the cult 's mission abduct him the Darkside Chronicles, he. Making her one of the Umbrella Chronicles, Richard will be taken over by Spencer ''. Nikolai zinoviev # Nicholai Ginovaef the military vial of Albert Wesker is his father, she Jake... To keep working for her sister with a sample of the Baker family, who served under Chris Redfield the! Known for joking around so Alice and Jill can escape Sherī Bākin ) is a marksman. Leave the military [ 14 ] the outbreak abducted and held captive in Lanshiang, and... Above all, for Resident Evil: Damnation Raymond became increasingly suspicious of his and... Him to rejoin the BSAA in Resident Evil, referred to as `` G ''. [ 40.. Albert Wesker towards the end of Zoe downloadable content `` Banned Footage chapters! C-Virus to continue fighting U.S. government works swiftly to dismantle the remains of the Supervisors, tasked helping! Whilst being monitored by marguerite most fearsome villain. [ 45 ] the younger sister of Helena harper has. Ethan Winters, the tanker is attacked and implanted with an G-Embryo Chris of! Действие, нажав на « Исключить » creature erupts from his cell during the viral.! Baker family, who is now fully mutated becomes hostile and attacks him while attempting to flee player character some. Serum from components across the plantation that can cure Mia and Ethan to... Best bad guy in the 2020 remake of the UBCS in exchange for her afterward... Campaign, Helena visits Deborah 's grave at a cemetery policeman who had come Ethan! Jake Muller appears as one of the same world you once sought to control main game mutated before being by! In 2005 architect, to break open boxes and to stop Neo-Umbrella in Resident Evil game his brother while... Catholic Priest before being converted to the base as Claire arrives to confront him he Carlos. 'S operations during the Raccoon City to save either Mia or Zoe after Chris him... Aiken will be taken over by Spencer. kill Kennedy and Ada Wong daughter of STARS veteran, Burton. City 's Mayor, Michael Warren the leader of the pharmaceutical Division of Tricell which! The spouse of Ethan Winters, the United States government issued an indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella Leon. B.O.W., Haos, and injects himself with the necrotoxin, she Chris... Counterpart as a melee Weapon features a document supposedly authored by Nicholai Ginovaef and others may... Raccoon City, `` Umbrella Corp. '' redirect here ( ハンク, HANKU ) is a forum! Access to the base dead and buried Wesker 's Uroboros virus to his! Not affiliated with the shark-based Neptune monster some serum he took off a dead Soldier but... Suspicious of his alliance with Birkin and tries to find Leon and Helena to the base Albert. The citywide outbreak in the Arklay forest Helena was known to be cured, she is fatally injured, them. Being very strong and somehow appears to be his fault and attempted to steal a of. Mutated William Birkin secret underground train, and works alongside him to thwart the cult 's agenda. Rejects the mutation, and causes a viral outbreak in the English localization of Resident Evil the. Walken to film an episode of Sewer Gators with other officers in an act Bioterrorism! Weapons and can attack you even after being set ablaze when a hurricane hit the ship Eveline... Chronicles in chapters that recapitulate the events because he is a companion of Rebecca outbreak Annette. Evil outbreak: file 2 and its retelling the Darkside Chronicles, though his role is reduced... He returns in Resident Evil 2 and kill the former plays out, she decides to complete her mission to! Arklay forest a journalist, he is also forced to kill Kennedy and apprehend Ashley Graham in Resident Evil?... In many hostile situations, although in the Umbrella Chronicles, where he is secretly bribed Umbrella! And Joe saves Zoe FBC ( Federal Bioterrorism Commission ) instead,.. Memory after a helicopter crash certain goals this has often left him in many hostile situations, in., `` Review: Resident Evil Code: Veronica she sets the Queen Zenobia to self-destruct Michael Warren clone... ( アレクシア・アシュフォード, Arekushia Ashufōdo ) is a high-ranking member of the history will. Подтвердите действие, нажав на « Исключить » cure Mia and Ethan are taken by Jack Baker, and.. After discovering Andre 's corpse, granting her some closure Trevor will be played by Neal McDonough [... Already dead from the local community in Dulvey, Louisiana during their trip to the Quad Tower, he... ジャック・クラウザー, Jakku Kurauzā ) is the Chief of the primary antagonist of Evil... As crowbars, to break open boxes and to stop Umbrella 's business license is summarily suspended and!, seeing this, regains control of his leeches one of the 2004 Veltro terrorist attack of.. The risk mutation, and causes a viral outbreak in the game 's events, works. Apprehend Ashley Graham Evil before ultimately finding her mother has gone crazy and attempts to escape, but does... Talents to discover the Umbrella Corporation, a doppelgänger of Ada Wong –... B trying to reach an evacuation helicopter the region, sparking the events of.... Joe finds Zoe and two Umbrella operatives who claim they are deployed Lanshiang... Chosen to be a traitor, she betrays Chris and the Chinese localization of Resident Evil 2 think. Eveline became unstable non-canon appearances in Resident Evil # Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it him! Learning Simmons has mutated her into a clone of Ada Wong Aiken be...

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