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Who we are

Newmont Ahafo Development Foundation (NADeF) is a sustainable community development Foundation, which was established in May 2008 through a Foundation Agreement developed and signed between Newmont Ghana Gold Limited and the Ahafo Social Responsibility Forum (represented by 10 Ahafo Mine Communities, Local Government, Regional Government, and Civil Society), to share resources granted to the Foundation through an annual contribution from Newmont to support community development programs in the area of the Ahafo Mines’ operations.
The annual contribution from Newmont comprises US$1 per ounce of gold produced and 1% of net profit from the Ahafo Mine. As part of Newmont’s annual contributions to NADeF, there is also provision for the creation of an endowment fund (with an increasing proportion of the funds earmarked as endowment funds over the life of mine).

Stakeholders are committed to ensuring that NADeF becomes a recognized and trusted development partner in the Ahafo communities.

Our Thematic Areas

We utilize funds to support the following key areas

Human Resource Development:

We work alongside communities to offer scholarships for academic and vocational training scholarships to eligible youth. Additionally, we collaborate with on-site contractors to develop and oversee scholarship programs tailored to specific fields of studies.

Economic Empowerment:

We run a micro-credit scheme and in collaboration with communities, we make flexible low interest loans available to eligible local small business owners to help them expand their businesses. We also run a business capital loan that is available to eligible local start-up businesses.

Social Amenities & Infrastructural Development:

We work closely with the communities and their District and Municipal authorities to fund projects in the areas of education, health, water and sanitation. .

Natural Resources Management:

We offer support to projects and initiatives focused on enhancing and safeguarding the environment.

Cultural Heritage:

We collaborate with the traditional authorities to ensure the local heritage in the area is respected, protected, and upheld through our sponsorships and commemorations.

Youth Development:

We prioritize the holistic development of young people through academic, professional, and economic support, fostering partnerships with youth-focused organizations within the communities through sustainable initiatives.


Our goal is to foster sports development in the host communities by providing facilities and sponsoring events.

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Our Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind the scenes, united by a shared commitment to drive sustainable development in the 10 Ahafo mine communities. Our diverse team brings together expertise, innovation, and a profound understanding of local needs, working collaboratively to make a lasting impact. Get to know the faces shaping positive change and forging connections that empower communities towards a brighter future

  • Integrity

    We believe in sincerity in dealing with our stakeholders by upholding the highest ethical standards.

  • Respect

    We believe that respect for all is key to our success.

Our Operational Areas