14-Seater Water Closet Toilet, Yamfo

14-Seater Water Closet Toilet 
Community townYamfo
Project proposalProblem statement:
– Lack of place of convenience for the residents of Ward Three (3), a suburb of Yamfo.
– This has resulted to unhygienic environmental conditions and resultant health hazards.
Project goals: 
– To provide a modern place of convenience for the residents by the end of April 2011.
– To make the environment more hygienic so as to prevent possible epidemic.
Project duration (project time) February 2011
Target population (target group)8,312 community residents will generally benefit from the project.
Budget (GHC)61,785.35
Project executers (NGOs, contractors, consultants, others)E. A. Boateng Construction Works
Status of completionCompleted



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