February 28, 2018
6-unit classroom block for  St. Peter’s R/C Basic School with Library Community townKenyasi No. 2Project proposalProblem statement:– Lack of classrooms for school children.– Children were learning under trees after the collapse of their school building.Project goal                                                                                                           – To provide classrooms, educational materials and conducive learning environment for pupils and teachers by the end of 2011.                                                                                                       – To enhance...
 Fully Furnished Community LibraryCommunity townSusuansoProject proposal                                                                                                   ...
NADeF from 2009 to 2013 awarded scholarships worth over GHC 304,600.00 to 472 deserving students in Adrobaa community.                                           NADeF Scholarships  Community townAdrobaa Number of scholarship holdersTotal:472Male:284Female:190Second cycle:361Tertiary:88Apprenticeship: 23 Funds committed  (GHC)304,600.00 Funding Organisation(s)NADeF Community:Adrobaa Status:Ongoing
                                       NADeF Scholarships Community townAfrisipakromNumber of scholarship holdersTotal:130Male:83Female:47Second cycle:91Tertiary:39Apprenticeship:0Funds committed  (GHC)251,223.00 Funding OrganisationsNADeF Community:Afrisipakrom Status:Ongoing
                                      NADeF Scholarships Community townGyeduNumber of scholarship holdersTotal: 430Male: 257Female:173Second cycle: 217Tertiary:93Apprenticeship:120Funds committed  (GHC)654,379.01Funding Organisation(s)NADeF Community:Gyedu Status:Ongoing